20 Dec
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Item Security: Defense or Stealth?

One of the first things that a player needs to do when accumulating a life on a server is to make sure other players can not access their items.There are two routes that a person could take in order to secure their items: to defend the items, or to hide the items. Defense is usually the first thing people think about. There are various ways of doing this, such as booby traps, redstone vaults and irresponsible amounts of obsidian. There have been thousands of complex defense systems that have been implemented out of the physics of Minecraft. All of these have failed. There is no way ensure that a player can not enter a vault. Hiding items is the best way to ensure that ones items will not be stolen. A player can not enter a vault if a player does not know where the vault is.

There are mods to lock chests, but that is no fun; we should write these people off as kill joys. Part of the magic of Minecraft is how integrated the environment is to the players experience. To add a program that creates an indestructible box would take away from this aspect of the game. These people will invariably add mods to track what players interacted with what blocks, and will even use map editors to search for misplaced chests. This is not the Minecraft that we should come to know, go out and hide your things!


1 Comment

  • yes i guess but greifers will still use x-ray to find ur chests

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