15 Mar
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Interactive Mobs


Over the last few months, everyone has grown to love the villagers (also known as testificates, because of how they look). We can see the communities love for them because in almost every picture they post, they have a testificate there to make the world seem less lonely. And that’s exactly what Minecraft needs, a less lonely feel to it. As it stands, Minecraft is kind of a static and silent place to live in. It can be depressing for someone to play alone on single player survival.


But, if there was, let’s say, villagers that we could actually do things with – who could help us build things and who we could trade with, then we would be able to forger how lonely we are in the real world!

This is exactly what some players have talked about. sje46 suggested that “You should be able to trade with villagers using gold nuggets as currency.”. Sje46 gave the example for this system by saying that “You can buy wheat/melons/pumpkins from a farmer, books from librarians, enchantments from priests, tools/armor from blacksmiths, meat from butchers.”

What do you guys think, would Minecraft be a better experience for you if you had the ability to interact with villagers?

So, what do you think?

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