18 Dec
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Games Within Games

There is a new breed of game developers; they are called independent independent game developers.  They don’t get out much. These are the people who play Minecraft, an independent game made by Mojang, and develop video games within the game. Pretty soon they will be making games within games within games.

Some games that have been developed include Plants Verses Zombies, Gem Collector and Pong. These games get pretty complex. Plants Verses Zombies allow the player to make upgrades to the plants just like they were able to do in the game. Gem Collector and Pong use a sophisticated system of pistons to simulate moving pixels and sprites.

The makers of these games have made announcements on the videos they post that their team is currently developing new games. Rezz, one of the developers of Gem Collector, has released a teaser video of an upcoming game, Snakes and Ladders. From the looks of things, it is the most sophisticated Minecraft game that has been released yet. A viewer of this video commented, “Forget all of the full working ALUs/processors/computers. This is the single greatest achievement in Minecraft”.

Snakes and Ladders is already proving that the resolution and complexity of the game is only limited to the size of the machine that is built. Just imagine what kind of independent independent games will be developed in the future.


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