19 Mar
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Craftable Mob Spawners

We all hate grinding, right? Yet, as much as we hate it, we are forced to grind so often with Minecraft. It would be nice to be able to accumulate a mass amount of mobs in one single area, says indenturedsmile on Reddit. His idea is that “sawn eggs should drop from spawners and be craftable into another spawner, possibly with a very expensive recipe that includes diamonds.” His suggestion was not well received, to say the least

Players told him that there is a reason that spawner eggs are in creative mode only, and that his idea would be massively over powered. Indenturedsmile responded and said that this would not be over powered, because you can get only one egg spawner from one spawner, so there would actually be no more spawners in the game that there was when the map was generated. The community explained to him that it would be overpowered because the game map is essentially infinite, so that argument was false – and above that, even if the map was not infinite, even having 20 spawners in a single area would be hugely over powered.

We think it could be balanced by making it so only killing a mob with a sword will drop items and experience. What about you?

1 Comment

  • I don’t like the idea of craftable spawners, but Silk Touch at the highest level should be able to mine a spawner. Why isn’t that available already?

So, what do you think?

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