26 Feb
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Change the Sign Recipe?

Dontthrowawaytrees, a Reditt user, recently suggested that signs should be created with a new recipe. The conversation received 2,500 upvotes and 1,500 downvotes, indicating generally favorable reviews. The reason that this suggestion is popular is because the current recipe for signs is very costly. For those of you who don’t know, creating a sign under the current system requires a two by three layer of planks with a stick on the bottom. Under the new system, it requires only a plank over a stick.


Apparently, people have been request this for months and months. There is a reason that Mojang has not obliged by the wishes of people wanting this new system. In the previous thread that this was suggested, it was stated that “the high cost and lack of stacking is deliberate to discourage their use in large quantities, because of the strain that having a lot of signs puts on both the game engine and on the client-server connection”. Another reason is that signs are not normal blocks, technically, the game engine considers them mobs, and several times a second the game engine polls all signs to make sure they have not moved.

So, it may not be worth it to change the way signs are made. Oh well.

So, what do you think?

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