8 Jan
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Are Bugs Actually Bad?

   Watch this video of fifty five bugs that are found in Minecraft in three minutes. It doesn’t take too much time, you should watch it.
 Now, what did you think of it? Should these bugs be eradicated from the game? Is there not a magic to how the physics of the world settle down as the game is developed? 

It is not unlike the physics of how our own universe developed: in the first few moments after the big bang, the forces of nature balanced into all that we see– a universe where life as we know it is a statistical inevitability.
 All of our creations – our great machines of industry – are based around the quirks of how things work. This is how Minecraft inventors create their technologies. 

Someone figured out that the color of a pixel on a map is an 8X8 block square in the world. Someone else figured out that the color of this pixel is determined by the most common block type in the 8X8 square. Someone else used this to make a 12X12 pixel display on the map by using a complex system of pistons to change what block type is the most common. Now this is not a glitch, it is the nature of the map.
 But who is to say that the booster glitch that was eradicated in Beta 1.6 – which thus ended the era of the mine cart stations and subtracted league of engineers – was not just the nature of the tracks? Either way, powered mine tracks never replaced the booster glitch – it was not mechanical.

So, what do you think?

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