16 Dec
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And You Don’t Stop

Minecraft is the game that players keep coming to. In a world of new releases and old games, it is easy for gamers to forget about the games of the past for the newest edition of the game. These new games usually include some minor graphics improvements and a few arbitrary tweaks to the gameplay and content included. And they cost $60. Call of Duty is the big example here.

But it is not just the yearly game series that people walk away from, it is just about every game that is out there in the moment. We spend upwards of sixty bucks on these hugely expensive triple A games and have fun with them for a time. But then we beat them in twenty hours or so and move onto the next game, as the game is designed for us to do.

In Minecraft the player can play the game to death and become completely bored with it, just like other games. But what separates this game from others is that players can expect the game to be completely changed in a few months with new updates.  People may get bored with Minecraft, but they always come back to Minecraft. This is a testament to developers everywhere that a game does not have to be done even when it is released.

So, what do you think?

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