21 Dec

A ‘Progressive’ Difficulty Chosen at World Creation P2

Not only will mobs have more health, but mobs will also gain slightly higher attack at the same rate. Every X days they do a half heart more damage, and have a half heart more health. For creepers (and ghasts), explosions become larger over time (at a slower rate than health/attack). Also, creeper charges slowly become shorter and shorter, until they literally explode upon the start of their fuse. Again, this is deep into the game – probably years of in-game days.

Among health and attack, mobs get faster as well. Zombies, skeletons, etc. all will eventually walk faster and faster, until one day you can’t even outwalk them, and very far into the game, you won’t even be able to outrun them and must think and plan very, very carefully.

Mobs see you from further away as time goes on. Plan carefully, use cover frequently, stay hidden or out of range, and you just might stay alive.

And finally, as time goes on, more mobs will spawn with gear/enchantments. Eventually, most of the zombies you see will be decked out in full diamond — Of course, this is years of in-game time down the road. Mobs with equal power to the player! Now for some benefits that would come from this new game mode:

  • Players would need to be more hasty when starting out
  • The challenge of the game will grow steadily, and be more fun
  • Completely optional, just another game mode choice
  • Assigned per world; not changeable without mods
  • Players need to think more before charging into battle
  • Mobs provide that threat that SSP never gave
  • Time and days are already saved, so this should be fairly easy to add
  • Takes nothing away from the normal game, only adds new gameplay

So, what do you think?

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