21 Jul

Endermen Ideas

Probably the most uninpressive memory I have of Minecraft survival is defeating the Enderdragon. Seriously. However, it was the fault of both myself and how the dragon was designed.

I fought the dragon on Peaceful. And the dragon did absolutely no damage.


I was also able to beat the Enderdragon because I made multiple trips. Each trip I would destroy a few ender crystals so the dragon wouldn’t heal for the actual fight. I think ender crystals should either regrow when you die, or maybe endermen could gather around destroyed ones and recreate them, making it more of a challenge.

One may see Endermen as the minions (?) of the gargantuan beast. So why do they get angry when the dragon overlord runs into them? They should probably stay neutral or teleport out of the way.

This post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the ultra limited number of attacks the dragon has. Shoot purple flames, pick up the player, etc., etc.

Yes. There should also be a way to prevent enderdragons from flying through your structures and blowing them up, that’s obtainable in survival. So basically, “force field” blocks that enderdragons can’t fly through OR destroy.

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