27 Mar
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All About Food


The Minecraft community has recently talked about the possibility of highlighting  the amount of hunger that will be gained by the food that is in your hand. For example, if a player is at half hunger, and he or she holding a watermelon in his or her hand, then the health bar would have one bar of hunger highlighted. This would be beneficial to new players, who do not know how much each type of food will heal, and who do not want to waste a perfectly good steak to heal just one bar of hunger. Another group of people who could benefit from this are not necessarily noobs, but people have not played the game for a while, and are not up to date on the recent changes that have been made.

Some people who know a lot more about Minecraft than most people, say that there is a hidden stat that is not shown to the player. The commenter gave the example that “8 cookies fills as much as 1 steak, BUT 1 steak will actually fill your hunger 10x longer than eating the cookies.” So, some food not only heals more hunger, but it will heal the hunger for a longer amount of time.


  • make some burgers to craft it bread on top and bottom and steak in the middle wouldn’t that be the greatest food there is in minecraft, but no it’s not in the game.

  • does the game have stores owned by players?
    make a real village
    player owned bussinesses

  • needs more fruit and veggies

So, what do you think?

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