29 Nov
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Jeb has mentioned the possibility of adding fireworks to minecraft 1.5 I’ve had some ideas on what I think would be a good implementation.

So something that Minecraft has no lack of are combustible materials. Fireworks should make

the most of what’s available. Firework shows in real life are more enjoyable with varied, colored pyrotechnics. I propose that fire works could be crafted something along the lines of

*P C P

*P X P

*F S #

P= paper, S= stick, F= string, #= nothing.

C represent the colored dye which determines what color your firework is. X is the combustible material used for the firework. This determines the type of fire work. They could be Gunpowder- Several smaller explosions *Glowstone dust- Loud pop hissing with sparkles *Blaze powder- Large iconic firework shape. And then there’s the big daddy *Fire charge- *Massive explosion

Fireworks could be set off by redstone, or have a special stand activated by redstone so we can wire up some beautiful firework shows. I think they’ll be especially fun to use on servers. Also, there’s some less important optional stuff that can happen, such as tamed wolves whining at the sound of fireworks, and the varied sounds the fireworks themselves can make.

I hope that if/when this feature gets implemented, it gets implemented well.


1 Comment

  • I agree, FIREWORKS ON 1.5 !

So, what do you think?

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