3 Jan

What shameful Minecraft habits have you developed?

So, I tried creative for the first time on a survival map. It was horrible, I suddenly felt like a hobo grabbing at free food and technology unaware at how crushing the sudden lack of challenge would feel. I’ve now vowed never to switch between the game styles for fear of losing interest.

My first world was a disaster. It had an old 40 block tall mob grinder made of dirt, a massive crater from when I blew up my house to start a new one, my item duplicator from when I heard about the dupe glitch, a skeleton Xp farm in the desert, a half finished railroad track to a distant island, not to mention the ravaged landscape that I carved up to get dirt for the mob grinder. Now that I think about it, I’ve done some pretty cool stuff in MC, by my standards.

Due to my organized nature, I really don’t like having chests full of stuff that just doesn’t have a ‘genre’ of some sort. This drives me to have several chests titled ‘Food’ or ‘Building Materials’… This isn’t so bad, but as my resources grow, I end up having ‘Cobblestone’ chests, and having a whole room dedicated to building materials. I just can’t keep up with this kind of stuff.

These are just some of the habits that I have developed. What are some that you have developed?

So, what do you think?

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