8 Apr
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Minecraft for Dummies Lesson 2

Day 3: Find a place to settle. Get your gear together and set out on an adventure! Some things that you will want to bring with you are food, a pickaxe or two, a shovel, torches, flint, and a bucket of water. Oh, and a sword, because there will be enemies afoot.

Day 4-7: By this time you should have found a landmark that would be a cool place to build something. If you have not yet then it is advisable that you generate a new map. Scout this area and note what types of resources are nearby. This will influence the materials that you use for your construction – unless you want to make a trip out of it.

7-15:  OK, so you have something in mind of what to build, now gather the resources. Depending on what your block palate is going to be, you may or may not be mining to the center of the earth at this point. Let’s say you are. If you are lucky enough to have a cave system nearby, good for you – just watch out for the creepers.  If not, it is possible to dig straight down to bedrock. The safest way of doing this is to dig a 1X2 hole. By doing this you will ensure that if you mine into a cave, you will not fall down and die. Now just watch out for the creepers.

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