25 Sep

Directional Lighting!

Dinnerbone, who is working on fixing the problems with lighting, has just stated on his twitter feed that “It’s such a small thing to look at, but this required unbelievable amounts of code changing :D” He then uploaded this image

Now, Am I wrong, or is this not really “directional lighting”? From what I see now, the light source has just moved from the furnace to the front of the furnace. The light still isn’t “directional” in that it is curving around the wall. I would have though directional lighting would mean there would be a shadow around the wall, instead of the light “pouring” there like water.

Light is calculated on the blocks, not on entities (which is what the player is) so as well as that, it would also be juddery as you moved from block to block (the light would jump forward rather than smoothly progress forwards in front of you) unless they totally re-wrote the lighting to allow entities to give off light too.

So even though there are some apparent problems with the directional lighting that Dinnerbone showed us, there is still the hope that it will get better. And we don’t know about you, but when it comes to Minecrft, it always seems to get better.




So, what do you think?

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