17 Jul

Ziplines and Ropes!

I was thinking we should be able to do a few things here, the first is implement rope, rope could be shot from a bow, and should have the same properties as water, unlike vines you can go up water with out having it connected to a block, but when you weren’t going up you would slowly go down, this would be the same with rope, as I said it could be shot with a bow and arrow, second idea, zip lines, they could be made with iron and rope together and shot with the bow (or you could implement crossbows, then you could slide across them, just imagine having 2 mountains, one yours and the other your friends, you could shoot the zip line to one of there towers and slide across, the zipline would then remain there.

Just imagine: you are running from and enderman or two on the top of a cliff at jungle and you’ve run out of land. You have nowhere but jump off a cliff. But wait! You have a zipline built that connects to your tnt cannon on the other side of the canyon! So, like a sir, you grap on and hoist yourself to the other side and destroy the enderman with your cannon!

This should totally be a thing.

So, what do you think?

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