3 Jun

Villager Specific Biome Texture

I think it’d be awesome if TESTIFICATES had different textures depending on the biome they spawned in.

Someone born in a desert would wear something above his head to protect himself form the sun and someone from a plains biome would care less about protect his head from the sun because it’s not that strong.

Now if we had more biomes with villages this idea could be expanded even further. I could imagine a village in a Mushroom biome that is all fancy and the TESTIFICATES would wear fancy stuff aswell. In a snowy biome they would wear a lot of clothes and hide their face from the cold wind, ect..

The building style and food recources should change depending on the biome too, for example:

desert villages, building style:arabian, food: animals

Snow villages, building style:viking, food:carrots, potatoes and fishing

Ocean villages, building style: aisian fissing villages, food: fishing, small weed farms

Forest villages: same as normal village

But how do you imagine Ocean villages? On top of poles in the middle of an ocean or on small islands? Sometimes these islands can get pretty small and the houses would have to stand on top of water. I was thinking about poles, at the more shallow parts of the ocean.

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