15 Jun

Varied Dispencers Fire Distance Varied by Redstone Signal Strength

Someone recently approached me with an idea to make it so it is possible to aim with the dispensers. Basically his idea was that the distance a dispenser throws something depends on the signal strength of the redstone. But I’d argue no longer necessary. Latest Images and snapshots have told us that Mojang is planning on adding mine cart dispensers. This allows for fully functional projectile control. We are talking about:

Elevation – Mine carts go higher to shoot farther

Direction – a simple small circuit track allows the dispenser to face any lateral direction

Transposition – No longer do you need a row of dispensers to ensure complete arrow coverage. A single dispenser cart can follow a zig-zag path and fire arrows in the same direction along set intervals

Possible Velocity – I don’t think this will be implemented, at least not initially, but in theory, the moment speed of a Mine cart before launching could determine range and impact power. After all, Dinnerbone stated that TNT Carts explosions were more violent and had a larger radius the faster or more unstable a cart was at the time of detonation. How cool would it be to make these long mine cart launcher platforms that hurtle the dispenser at max speed before delivering their pay load? Kind of like the planes that fly rockets up at high altitudes before they launch their boosters.

So, what do you think?

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