25 Nov

Are Useless Blocks That Bad?

I’d like find one or two new types of blocks to build with. One that wouldn’t change the dynamic of the game, like a new ore would. Just a new block that we could build with.

Stone bricks are pretty much used in all buildings. it would be nice to have a new easily obtainable block. In Tekkit, one of the mods adds marble. The default texture pack for marble is ugly. But other texture packs make it look good.

Doesn’t have to be marble, just something else we can build with.

I quite like this idea. Almost all buildings are either made of stone brick, or wood and sandstone. It would be nice to see some more themes to build with. I quite like basalt bricks from Tekkit. We don’t really have a good dark block to build with right now (aside from black wool, but buildings made out of wool just look weird in my opinion.) Marble/marble bricks would be a good addition too, for a nice white to build with. I think it would be cool if about 10 new building blocks were added to the game. People’s creations would have a lot more variety and look a lot cooler.


So, what do you think?

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