3 Dec

A True Finite World (A Guide for Server Admins)

In search to make a finite server world in order for my Raspberry Pi not to generate new chunks (which overloads it and kicks all players) I’ve finally found a method: generate a world, load the region of interest, change the world generation parameters to air and you’ve got a true finite world. All new chunks will be empty no matter where you go.

Image of the corner of my world.

What is it good for: small PvP map, true Skyblock map, limited resources challenge, run on a low-end computer (runs well on a Raspberry Pi)…

Why not use MCEdit: you may delete some chunks around your world to “limit” it, but there’s always a way to reach the “mainland” afterwards. If you want a world where your players cannot wander away too far and create huge amounts of useless data on your server you can use this method.

How to:

  1. Start the server and let it create the default world files.
  2. Fly around to generate all the chunks from 0,0 to 32,32, that is from block 0,0 to 512,512.
  3. Quit the server and edit the server.propertiesfile change the following valuesgenerator-settings=2;0;1level-type=FLAT
  4. Delete all the files except for r.0.0.mca from your server world files.
  5. Start the server and enjoy.

But wait there’s more: if you want a smaller world than 32 by 32 chunks (which corresponds to one region), which is what I was after originally, you’ll have to use MCEdit to delete the blocks (not chunks, only blocks) from the 0.0 region. Also set the spawn point to somewhere appropriate with MCEdit.

Go play, NOWGH!


So, what do you think?

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