7 Nov

Transparency Setting for Armor.

Skins are great but so is good protection. I play without armor because I like my skin. So I was thinking it would be a cool idea for there to be a setting for Armor to be transparent, so we can still see the skin for our characters. Here is how it will work:Implement a setting for the transparency of diamond armor. So you can see your own and other players skins through the armor if you wish. It would have to be specific to the player so it doesn’t affect pvp. Like many people I’m proud of my skin and prefer it visible. Sure I could play without armor but I work hard for my gear and I want the benefits.
This also brings up other problems: what if a player wants to attack another player, and they run up down the field towards a supposedly unarmed player, only to be confronted with a level thirty enchanted diamond armor set? Well, here is the solution to that: put a little icon next to the players name, that represents if the player is armored or not, what type of armor is being worn, and how much of each type. For this suggestion I would give the example of Diablo when your armor is damaged. It would look like that.

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  • sweet, u could have armour translcent so you can see it a tiny bit

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