17 Dec

Trading With Other Players

 Sure you can use enderchests and command blocks to safely send items to each other, but can it be easier? And I don’t think you can make command blocks in survival. So this is how it should work, when you use a trading bench it opens up a list of all people on that server, you can then click on them and it will send them a notification, only 1 notification per 2 minutes, or it’d be spamming. They could then go to a near trading bench and they could also trade with you, You then place the item you want to trade on your slot on the bench while the other person does the same, if you’re fine with the trade then you click accept, both people must accept for it to be a good trade.

This could be useful if you’re on a server with tons of people (survival) and you need a safe way to trade items. We can do this with villagers, why not a way to do it with other people…? If the trading bench block isn’t good, this idea could be simplified to you having to pick a player (click on them) and have them get a notification, (every 2 minutes, so no spam) and if both players agree to trade, a menu opens up (just like a human and villager trading menu) and you can put in the items you want to trade, and you can accept/decline if you want. Some people may say “how about you just drop the block and trade like that” That would be an unsafe way to trade, and could result in item loss, it’d also make a very formal way to trade. Suggestions are wanted 🙂



So, what do you think?

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