27 Sep

Tides and Waves

Wouldn’t it be nice to have tides? And ocean waves?

For tides it would change every X amount of nights from high to low and back again, were high is (depending in which biome you are in) a water level rise from 20 blocks out to se

a to the shore of 1-5 (Low) and 6-10 (High) (8-10 is very rare) it would basically be a mini flood every X amount of nights the water would be smooth water (Not flowing) in the tidewater area but this water height would only stay this high up to 20 blocks out to sea (as said before)

For waves they would come in as 1 block elevations from 30 blocks out to sea they would start (only in render distance area’s) and move block by block towards the shore (1 block high source water blocks) until something breaks their way of travel (shore or a barrier) the wave would travel slowly (1 block per second or slower) depending on how fast your computer is and if you can handle it.. they would repeat the wave action every 15-20 seconds (random time periods)

What do you guys think? We could even make it so there are sea animals that are only exposed during low tide!

So, what do you think?

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