24 Jul

Skyrim + Minecraft = SkyCraft

Alright, so we all know about the long held tradition of creating worlds in Minecraft that are a hybrid of our favorit games of all time, right? Such examples include the World of Warcraft map and Azeroth and Calemdoor and Harry Potter and all other places of those sorts. Well, I bet you would be not surprised to see someone come up with another type of map like this but with a new game, right? Say, Gotham city? But what if we told you that someone has done the opposite of this tradition with a new mod that has been released that is called Skycraft?

We are here to tell you that someone has done just this very thing: there is a mod for Skyrim that injects 3D skins from Minecraft into the game of Skyrim. Effectively reversing the roll of creating a hybrid world in Minecraft of another game. Now, this seems like a cool idea, and one would think that it would spread to a plethora of other games, right? Not exactly. The only reason this was possible for Skyrim is because Betheseda released a modding construction pack for fans of the game to create their own mods. So we will not be able to play a World of Warcraft game that looks kind of like Minecraft, sadly.

So, what do you think?

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