14 Jul

Everyone Shouln’t Have Capes!

Recently there has been a big push in the Minecraft community for Mojang to allow capes for everyone who has been playing since alpha. Now, as cool as capes are, and as much as any of us over here at The Minecraft Portal would like a cape of

our own as well, we just don’t think it’s a good idea. Here is why: if everyone got capes (even if it’s just everyone from alpha), it would pretty much take away the point of it.

And we are not alone in this thinking. Many people in the Minecraft community have pushed back at this movement, and have stated that it will not be special if everyone has one. Think about it. Wouldn’t you love to have a noble prize? What if everyone got one? It would not be special, and no one would care if you have a Nobel prize, because everyone has one! A Nobel prize should be reserved for someone who has provided a great service to society.

The same idea goes for capes: they were designed for Mojang to reward people who have had some part in the development of Minecraft. So, everyone worried about capes, just forget about it, and have fun! Focus on your creations! Anyway, you wouldn’t want those capes to ruin your beautiful character skin, would you?

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  • I agree and disagree, I want a cape but I haven’t played since alpha, it should only be given to people who make it to minecon or help in the developement of the game

So, what do you think?

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