19 Nov


A lot of players want more things to mine, but not just more materials to make tools and armor out of. Salt could help fill that niche, and have some fun uses. The level it’s mined at isn’t that important to me.


Crafting food. I know there’s plenty of food already, but this is sort of the obvious use. Maybe a vegetable stew with the new veggies?

Sow it into the dirt to stop grass from growing.

Lay it out in a line (like redstone dust) that some kinds of hostile mobs will not cross. There’s some folklore about demons and vampires not crossing a line of salt, maybe it’d work for witches or skeletons?

Combine with a bucket of water to make a source block that will not freeze.

Craft salt blocks. These may attract livestock, but that’s not essential. What is essential is if they touch water, they will begin to crack, as if being mined, until they break. This could be used for a kind of single-use water timer or construction projects that are designed to disintegrate, etc.

So, more fun for miners, more fun for monster fighters, more fun for builders without giving any crazy powers.


So, what do you think?

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