23 Nov

The Redstone Update

Jens mentioned that the new redstone will get a signal strength from 0 – 15, when combined with capacitors you can send different types of signals through one wire, it will be quite a change, but you will be able to do awesome things with it.

Here are some other major changes:

Redstone Logic

  • More predictable and consistent
  • Timings will change
  • BUD designs will be affected, not not fully removed (yet)

Redstone Signals

  • Redstone signal strength will matter…

Capacitor Block

  • One input, one output, similar to repeater
  • Gives full output when input is strong enough
  • Threshold will be configurable

Weighted Pressure Plates

  • Output signal strength depending on pressure
  • Also for detecting how full a minecart chest is

Improved Minecarts

  • Filling and emptying chests
  • Railtrack to unload freeriders
  • … and other stuff


  • Daylight detector?
  • Fireworks for New Year’s Eve?
  • No new mobs planned


Digressing from the subject of bugs, doesn’t anybody else think we need more optimization? i mean. Minecraft’s early success mostly came from the fact you didn’t need a good computer to play, but as it stands now, you need a decent computer to get just 40fps on normal settings. (I am aware of optifine, but my point is that you shouldn’t need mods to play a game decently.)


So, what do you think?

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