19 Dec

A ‘Progressive’ Difficulty Chosen at World Creation P1

Minecraft has always been the same. You build a shelter, gather materials, build a better home, rinse, repeat. This goes on until you basically have everything; a massive home complex, mob grinders, full, enchanted diamond gear, a surplus of materials.

This may be fun for a while, but the challenge mobs provide quickly diminishes. One zombie is just as hard as the last one. Every day the monsters will be the same as yesterday, as a week ago, as world generation.

Basically I am suggesting this simple addition; A “Progressive” game mode, in which mobs get harder every day.

When you first are creating a world, there should be a new option among Survival, Creative, and Hardcore; “Progressive”. It would be just like hardcore mode, but every day, the mobs will get ever so slightly stronger.

Due to the way Minecraft health works, this won’t be a small fragment each day, rather, it would be half a heart every X days. For instance, let’s say X would be 10 days. For the first ten days, all mobs have normal health. But as time goes on, after 100 days, they have 5 hearts more health than when you began. Not much, but considering how long most worlds are played, this will eventually have a massive amount of health.

Continued in Part 2…

So, what do you think?

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