29 Oct

Do We Need More Plants?

Someone I am friends with recently suggested that we need more plants. I quote “like bushes with fruits, strawberry plants but also toxic plants and carnivorous plants.”

Not to try to shoot him down, but why do you think we need this?

There’s already “wild” plants like long grass, dead bush, flowers, vines, trees (in several flavors), ferns, cacti, reeds, mushrooms (if you count them) and now even more agricultural plants like wheat, potatoes, carrots, cocoa beans, pumpkins and watermelons.

I’d think any new plants would have to have some particularly interesting properties, but now that I think of it…

Seaweed: only grows in deep water, looks and behaves basically like upside down vines.

Blackberries: Inflict damage like a cactus, cannot be planted except by shears or silk touch, grows very slowly under the right conditions like mushrooms, gives tasty blackberries when broken. (Maybe useful for a purple dye?)

Poison oak: only grows in some biomes, can only be transplanted with silk touch or the shears, poisons the player when they touch it. Drops nothing.

So what do you guys think? If we add any new plants, it will need to be a unique property, or will it need to just add a new aesthetic?

So, what do you think?

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