21 Sep

People Complain About New Noises

I really don’t understand what’s happening. For 2 straight days, lots of frontpage posts on the Minecraft community were “Please add new sounds/___ needs better sounds/___ sounds aren’t good enough”. I really do like the new sounds, they definitely add a nice new atmosphere. Some of them need some work, but we haven’t seen the final picture yet (or heard, should I say). So C418, thanks for all the effort you have put into pleasing this community, and I’m sure many are pleased. And people remember, what we have heard/seen so far isn’t final. Wood and minecarts especially are amazing, also loving the soul sand one.

I absoutely love the new sounds. I can’t believe why people would complain about them. Some just need a little tweaking, that’s all. People are too hard to please.

The only one I kinda dislike is the level-up sound. It just sounds a little over the top, and it’s slightly annoying considering that you level up pretty fast in Minecraft.

But thanks, C418 😀

Someone gave me a good bit of advice while I was writing this: we aren’t calling C418 a hack and threatening to quit the game, we’re giving criticism where it is needed. Nobody is denying C418 (at least from what I’ve seen) is a great guy and a hard worker, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to blindly take whatever we’re handed, be it from him or Mojang as a whole.

So, what do you think?

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