27 Nov

Netherbrick Slabs Have been Added to the Game!

Jeb just made a special announcement on Twitter: “Sometimes you make promises at Minecon… http://i.imgur.com/yl64t.png”

Now to create this contraption, you are going to need a nether furnace. Nether Furnace, recipe being: 8 netherrack like a normal furnace, but then you add a glowstone block in the middle. Runs off glowstone dust(1 dust = 8 fuel value) and smelts 1 netherrack = 1 netherbrick. Alternative recipe can include ghast tears or wither skulls, but mine seems reasonable.

Now, while something new being added to the game is a big deal, I don’t see why all these weren’t added a year ago, it requires minimum effort id guess. Why not Nether brick stairs, or stone brick slabs? its pretty much the same thing but with a different texture(which is already made) and a different item id. Why not different color doors for each type of wood, maybe even chests. It would probably take a few minutes to add each if you’re familiar with the code, people that want them will benefit from them and those that don’t can just ignore it. I guess I just think they are taking too long to add small stuff like this into the game.

So Mojang, work faster we want more Mineraft updates!


So, what do you think?

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