31 Dec

More Minecraft Toys

In the long list of capitalists who are taking advantage of the success of Minecraft and marketing over-priced toys to hordes of fans, Mine Toys is the newest kid on the block. Mine Toys has teamed up with Shapeways (a company that “ships physical realizations in a variety of materials of uploaded models”) are working on a website that will order Shapeways to print 3D models of our Minecraft skins. The material that is used in this production process is not paper, like one might suspect, it is made out of Z-corp’s sandstone material.

The cost for each of these figures is as follows: a small is twenty dolor’s and is 2.5 inches tall, and a big is fifty dolor’s and it is 4.5 inches tall. That’s not very tall. The website makes a big deal about how the models are made out of this sandstone stuff and not paper. But why not paper? Why not just print out our own versions? We could even make it so our figures could have moving parts. They would be superior and more special. The savings would be as tremendous as the awesomeness of crafting your own items IRL. This is what Gandhi would have wanted, this is part of the magic of Minecraft.

So, what do you think?

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