4 Sep

Farmers Market

Farmer’s Market 
minecraft_farm_barnIf you are playing survival mode in Minecraft, you know you are going to need food at some point. In the beginning you may just hunt animals and eat whatever you can to survive. As succulent as rotten flesh is to dine on, some people may prefer a more balanced diet. After all, what meat does not go good with some potatoes? Here is a quick guide to building your farm.

First you will need some tools of the trade, a hoe and water bucket should be enough to get you started. Clear out a plot, and dig some holes. If you place a water block, it will water up to two squares away. This means less time having to water plants. Try digging a row for water, filling it with the bucket, then plowing two more rows on either side.

Congrats, you now have a capable farm that you can build as big as you want it. However, it is time to get some seeds. The quickest way, albeit not the most moral, is to raid a nearby village for their crops. This should give you a good set up for carrots, potatoes, and wheat. These are the staples you should look for. They have the most uses and can go a long way. When you harvest them, take the three or four then replant.

Some other crops you can get include sugar cane, melons, pumpkins and cocoa beans. Sugar cane has to be planted next to water on untilled ground. Melons and pumpkins are planted on tilled soil and produce fruit on adjacent untilled blocks. Cocoa beans have to be attached to jungle wood. With this knowledge you are now able to plant a super farm and open up your own grocery store. Well, maybe you can at least trade back to the villagers you raided.


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