11 May

Minecart Block Storage

Instead of having every minecart that has a block in it be crafted into a “minecart with x”, why not just allow us to place all square blocks in the minecart like we place plants in a flowerpot or items into a item frame? This would give us all sorts of possibilities and minecarts could finally be used as they are intended. It would give us a visual of what’s in the cart, possibly allow us to store liquids, and would give a whole new purpose for blocks that are meant for storage, such as the iron block, gold block, and so on. Items however, would still have to be placed into a chest that’s in a minecart. I’m sure no one would want to craft every item frame and flower pot possibility that’s in the game, so why should it be different with minecarts?


We wouldn’t have to craft every single minecart that has a block in it.
This could possibly allow us to store liquids in minecarts.
Storage blocks would have a much bigger purpose.
Players would be able to visually see what’s in a minecart, making things more organized.
Minecarts would finally be treated like a container.

So, what do you think?

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