15 Oct

Different Levels of Villages and Some Other Types

Each type would have there own type of villager and items to trade.

Types and short description:

  • Water: filled with merpeople, at bottom of oceans.
  • Jungle: in tree tops with bridges connecting them, villagers could ware louring cloths.
  • Nether: would have pigmen and be made out of nether brick
  • cave: mutant villagers who are hostile to regular villagers, spawn under regular villages, would attack village at night.

different levels of development/classes for regular villages (each level has more complex buildings)

  • lvl 1: simple houses, church, 1-2 farms with 4-6 buildings and a well.
  • lvl 2: small wall, 2-3 farms, basic guards with wood swords, black smith, church, 8-10 buildings and a well.
  • lvl 3: medium wall, guards with leather armor and stone swords, 3-4 farms and livestock, blacksmith, library, church, 11-13 houses, 2 wells
  • lvl 4: high walls, houses with 2 floors, church, blacksmith, 4-6 farms and livestock, guards have full iron armor and iron swords also bows, library, 15-20 houses, 3 wells, and a castle

And if you are asking yourself:”Why walls? Why do people always think villages have walls?” then here is your answer: It stops the need to have vilagers locked in due to zombie fear

NPC village do need to be ‘upped’ a notch (no pun intended) and I think that this would cut the mustard and more. Rich NPC’s is what this game is missing, and Minecraft will never be all it can be until this happens.

So, what do you think?

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