17 Feb

Lapis Bottles

The idea is that instead of making them from glass, you make lapis bottles from blocks of lapis lazuli. These bottles are different from normal bottles in that they can be double-brewed; you can put a second dose of each ingredient into the bottle, allowing you to use it twice. It still takes the same amount of time to brew as two normal potions, as well as the same number of ingredients, it is just usable for twice as many uses.

The second aspect is the use of gunpowder. In normal bottles this creates a throwing potion, but lapis is much tougher than glass; throwing the bottle would just make it bounce off their head. Brewing a potion in a lapis bottle would create a bottle that can be thrown, but then just lands on the ground. However, by putting in extra gunpowder you can brew it into an exploding potion that can be used instantly without throwing it! This does, however, sacrifice the area effect you normally get.

There was a suggestion similar to this a month ago. You might want to take a look at it, as well. It uses lapis as a brewing ingredient instead of as the bottles.

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