9 Jan

“King” hostile mobs.

Basically, it lets hostile mobs have a sort of “King” or mini boss mob that has a 1% chance of spawning at night. Here are the mobs, and what makes them different than the originals.

Creeper King: It has the same texture as a creeper, except that it has a crown on it’s head. The explosion does the same damage and radius, but here’s the trick: when it explodes, it doesn’t die. The explosion timer just resets after it explodes, and it could just do it again. It has 40 hearts.

Skeleton King: The texture is darker than a skeleton, but lighter that a Wither Skeleton. 4 blocks tall. It acts just like a normal skeleton, but it could fire quicker than a normal one. It has 35 hearts.

Spider Queen: It would have an hourglass on it’s abdomen for the texture. Maybe this mob could spawn inside of the empty room of an abandoned mineshaft. It is 2 blocks tall, 4 blocks wide. With it in the mineshaft will be spider eggs, which upon breaking one, may cause spiders to come out. It stands still, but if you get close to it or it’s eggs, it will start to attack you. Upon biting you, it will give you a poison effect and a hunger effect. It inflicts 4 points of damage. It has 35 hearts.

Zombie King: To be honest, I’m stumped on this idea. Maybe it could be the commander of the raids that zombies do on villages? Maybe you guys could help me with this one.

So, what do you think?

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