9 May

Invisibility Potions affect Zombie Pigmen

As of right now, if you strike a single zombie pigman while invisible, all aggro’d pigmen will chase you if you come within normal sight range. This is a bit silly, and defeats the purpose of one of the best possible uses for Invis Potions– pigman hunting.

With changes to how pigman aggro functions, using Invisibility Potions would allow you to engage them one-by-one to gather gold as opposed to getting swarmed. They should obviously aggro immediately if you come within the mob sight range for Invisibility (bumping them, or within x blocks if wearing armour) but would otherwise ignore you.

This would remain balanced given that to do so effectively requires you to be unarmoured, and pigman run fast and hit really hard, especially on hard difficulty.

Pigmen are stupid creatures that will attack any time they hear another pigman squeal. Therefore, if you hit a pigman and aggro other pigmen while invisible, they should try and attack. But since they can’t see you, they should become frustrated and run/look around trying to hit something. Maybe they figure out that you’re invisible the third time they hit you?

That would be interesting, actually. Have all the aggro’d pigs get agitated, running about but not actually targeting you specifically unless they come within the range normally needed to detect an invis player. Would still require care, as you’d have to avoid getting stepped on, but would still allow taking one at a time.

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