21 Dec

Increase Apple Produce Rate!

I was recently attempting to gather apples when I noticed that it’s honestly not that easy. I then checked into the Minecraft Coder Pack in ‘blockLeaves.java’ and found that apples have a chance to pop from leaves about every 200 leave blocks broken. In my opinion, 50 would be better.. and a slight change. If it were set to 50 that would average about 8 apples / stack of logs. Which sounds pretty good!

Also, it would be cool if every 20,000 leaves broken an ordinary golden apple would have a chance to drop.

Other Method Of Obtaining Apples: Apples grow on trees and are visible… as if they are hanging on the side of leaves. They can be picked off with right click or even just punching it. They can grow back on leaves (only if grown by sapling rather than placed) but only have the allowance of 3 apples / tree.

Perhaps just a specific, rare-ish type of tree that can be planted with apple seeds produces one apple per 20 leaf blocks, 10 times as many as with normal trees (also just as rare a drop as saplings, for comparison).

These trees would make the game a little broken, since they give you food and wood when you cut them, so they should be shaped like the big, branched trees (not jungle) that are already in the game. The only difference would be the texture, which might have bits of red in it.


So, what do you think?

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