10 Jul

Game of Thrones in Minecraft

We’re willing to bet there are some Game of Thrones fans among our readers.  Last week a set of pictures were released that showed off a project that a team of players have been working on for months. The following is will give a little more detail into how they did it:

The work is all done on a server. The group works in teams of 2-15 people and each one of these teams is led by a community moderator. Each team will begin to build a section of Westros (the massive world that A Game of Thrones takes place in) by building walls where they think things should be. Once this step is completed, other members of the team will enter the area and build the place that they are trying to recreate.

Henry, who is one of the moderators of this project, said “”For the most part we trust our builders’ discretion and enjoy their input on style and looks and a lot is also repetition of a pattern which is fairly autonomous,” Henry said. “One of the biggest factors of the success of our server is the people. With so many people coming together you never run short of ideas and things you never thought to put together. You can learn something new every time you log on and explore.”

So there you have it, after months and months of well-organized work, these pictures turned out to be pretty impressive.

So, what do you think?

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