5 Apr

Fighting Villagers and Nausea Potions

I think that villagers need to do something more than trade and stand around. I think that villagers that actually fought with mobs should be put into the game. Because iron golems are to big. the cant go through doors or do anything else. The villagers should be able to fight with there fists but be able to pick up weapons and tools like zombies. They would have less health than you maybe 5 hearts would work. this would make the game a little more real because if your getting attacked by a zombie in real life your not going to be not defending yourself.

I have allways felt villagers is those peaceful and defenceless mobs you gotta try to save all the time, but i agree it looks pretty stupid when i zombie shows up and hits the villager but it doesn’t give a single sh*t and just stands there like a idiot.

Also: there should be a way to make mobs dizzy, with a nausea potion. Of course, the nausea potion is only aviable trough inventory editing, but i think it would be neat if it would make mobs other than the player go around in circles and act like they are dizzy, fall of small cliffs, skeletons misses at you all the time. Spiders jumps to far when they are jumping at you. Squids spins around in the water like if they’re drunk. It would be really fun!

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