1 Apr

Too Expensive To Repair?

I’ve crafted some great tools and now all I get is that they are too expensive to repair. Let me decide that. Make it cost 60 xp, or better yet make the xp requirement go down for putting more diamonds (or other element) when repairing. Or if you aren’t going to do that then just say I don’t have the skill to repair it, but don’t tell me it costs too much. Please.

The limit was most likely put there as a balancing factor to ensure it’s impossible to keep items after a while. I’m actually not entirely sure why the limit should stop at 39 other than the idea of people creating weapons/tools that have maxed out enchants. But considering that if your weapon costs an insane amount of xp to maintain I’d imagine people would decide when to stop. I do feel a little annoyed to have an awesome enchanted sword that’s served me over my adventures to suddenly become unrepairable with anvils. I’m undecided though to seeing it changed. It could have unintended consequences, especially for pvp.

I will agree though that the ‘too expensive’ thing is dumb. It’s blatantly stating that it’s put there as a balancing feature. Changing the wording to say it’s been repaired too many times/is beyond your skill would be better.

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