25 Jun

Earth-like limited Worlds

I think it would be pretty cool if you had the option of making a world of limited size, that had biomes placed based on the climate of the location they were in, in an earth like world. So that colder biomes would be found to the north, and warmer ones around the middle or equator and then colder still as you go south again.

This sort of builds on the many ideas about biome placement that have already been suggested. But would give players a way to look for the biomes they want to find, no more aimless wandering for biomes.

This could also give a goal to the whole exploration aspect of minecraft, that you could discover the whole world. This wouldn’t be for everyone, but again it’s an option.

I’ve thought about this for a while — I think I have a solution for how to do this.

In the world options, you can choose Wrap World, which would essentially tile duplicates of a set size square world. This would work sort of like pacman, but in-game, it would be seamless.

You could also choose your world size in the world options. Seasons and climates could be easily added with the x-y grid. An added save file bit, perhaps? This could also be optional. Nether would also wrap. End would be infinite.

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