29 Sep

Dispensers Facing a Jukebox Should Be Able to Put Records in the Jukebox.

OK, that was a big title, I know, but I made this suggestion to the Minecraft community the other day, and someone said that the Allocator Block currently already does this. But it doesn’t.

Allocator block doesn’t currently do this right now, but when 1.4 comes out and the mod gets a major update, this is one of the planned features.

But the person who criticized me is totally right. Adding the Allocator and giving the feature to it would be 50 times better. Why? Unlike the dispenser (as Shawnzie94 pointed out), you’ll be able to not only put in discs and take them out at random, but you could also place disks in intentionally.

You could make a automated redstone jukebox. It could play a random assortment of music, but at the press of a button, it could also load a specific disk by request. You can also do things like have it continuously loop, shuffle, or even sell records to other players (use an allocator to accept say emeralds as payment, then use a dispenser or Allocator to dispense a music disc).

If the allocator does ever get implemented, dinnerbone/jeb will probably make it work with jukeboxes, despite the fact that the modmaker forgot to include it.

What do you guys think?

So, what do you think?

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