17 Sep

Dinnerbone Confirms: Witches are a mutant offspring of Testificates

Dinner bone just tweeted: “I decided to go for a less traditional witch look and have an “offshoot villager” kinda thing. It has a magical nose that wiggles, too.”
We don’t know about you, but we are glad to hear this. We think a lot of the reason that people are hesitant about witches is that they have a lot of cultural context built around them and that doesn’t always fit with Minecraft. We are glad to see them deviating in looks as it will help witches to feel more in-theme with the rest of the game (which does have potions and enchants after all). It’s not as if there’s a single concept of witches anyway, contrast the wand-waving in Harry Potter to the potion-brewing in Shakespeare.

There was a lot of controversy over this. Some people thought that it would be a light against women and it would be alienating an entire gender from the game. Not sure what I would do with myself if Mojang went with some stereotype. Which, we have concluded, could not have been the intent of Mojang. But they did have a point, which is why the change was made after the comment was posted.

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