21 Nov

Make Desert Temples Harder to Obtain Loot From

I feel that Desert Temples (compared to Jungle Temples) are much easier to navigate and to obtain loot from. In Jungle Temples (assuming you don’t just break the blocks), there is a challenge to turn off the switches, avoid arrows, avoid trip wires, and avoid creepers lurking in the darkness.

Some ways to make it trickier:

-If the pressure plate was placed randomly on one of the nine squares within the “treasure chamber”, it adds a little bit more of a challenge to retrieve the loot, as you cannot just break any block without an associated risk.

-Add trap doors and a more complicated maze. This would make things more challenging, as well as somewhat more accurate as to what real pyramids were really like in history, in that it was filled with booby-traps preventing neerdowells from stealing the pharaoh’s possessions.

-Add zombie villagers or a mummy-type mob to the temples. This would make it somewhat more realistic, as then the temple could be “in the honour” of this character, and their role is to protect the loot.

This would be a sub-boss. Perhaps it could also be implemented as a pseudo quasi hard enemy that is not quite as hard to kill as the normal enemies.


So, what do you think?

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