7 Sep

Custom Golems

Pretty basic idea. Place the heads on top of 2 blocks, just like a snow golem is done, and craft yourself a new golem sentry! These golems would be about the same size as a snow golem, would have their arms (like a normal mob), but their torso becomes whatever block is required to make them. Here’s my list:

Zombie Golem: Place zombie head on 2 mossy stone or mossy cobblestone blocks and feed it some rotten flesh with a right click to create. Stands around idly and attacks hostile mobs. Basicly a miniratue iron golem, but functions like a zombie without sunlight weakness and doesn’t fling enemies.

Skeleton Golem: Place skelton head on two cracked stone bricks and give it a right click with bones in hand to create. Basically a snow golem, but ACTUALLY HELPS. Shoots arrows with it’s existing arms, doesn’t melt, doesn’t make annoying snow paths, and is all around helpful. No sunlight weakness.

Creeper Golem: A would-be favorte, place the creeper head on top of two blocks of tnt and right click him with a redstone torch to create. This little bugger functions just like a creeper, but is not hostile towards it’s creater ONLY (schenanigans anyone?). Will also go after hostile mobs, and is still capable of damagin your home.

No Wither Skeleton Golem. They already have a purpose.

This is simply a brainstorm. Not all of it may be useful, it’s some cool ideas and thoughts. To be honest, even just adding the zombie and skeleton variants would be cool. Feedback welcome


So, what do you think?

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