29 Jul

Comparators detect triggered blocks!

Basically, the idea here is that comparators could detect triggered blocks! How this would work, is when they are placed next to a block, much like they do to command blocks or others. Then, if the block is triggered (Like if the block is started breaking, or a player/mob/entity is walking on the block, it would trigger.) it would give a signal. The way this would work would be if a player tries to break a block, the signal will get stronger as the block continues to break. And if spotted on top of the block, the signal will get full if the player sprints, and half if the player walking normally, and only one signal if the player is sneaking, allowing for better protections.


Allows for redstone contraptions like a sign/command block text saying “RUN, RUN, SAVE THE HOSTAGES!” and you must sprint, to make the story think you are running to save the hostages. Or, secret redstone doors by just punching an obsidian block for 5 seconds, and an iron door opens.

Very very secret passages.


Comparators are placed as a repeater, so you couldn’t make a full- protected wall.

X-ray can’t spot the flag-blocks, but it may spot the comparators, so x-rayers would raid your base, not really safe.

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