29 Dec

Clay Charges – Neater Explosives P2

Like conventional TNT, they could be activated by both fire or Redstone charge.

Additionally, whatever the clay charge destroys it drops as a resource, as opposed to TNT which is somewhat unreliable in that it gets rid of a large amount of any gathered resources and is thus not reliable as a mining tool in any way.

Clay charges would also detonate instantly.

So basically, the upsides compared to TNT are…

  1. Cool landmines – less destructive, instant boom; No more CLICK CLICK……BOOM and a bit more CLICKBOOM
  2. Useful mining tool – more productive; No more ‘Oh look, Diamonds! TNT!!’ then ‘Oh whoops, my mistake.’
  3. Clear hilly terrain and make bat caves with precision; No more ‘Aww, a mountain! Let’s turn it into a field!’ and then ‘Aww, a cavern, we need to fill it in to make a field!’

Now, for something I didn’t think of: landmines. Pressure plate on top, block in middle, charge attached to bottom. I realized this possibly could be OP, so I think they should do at most 9 hp of damage (which is 4.5 hearts). That way even 2 mines could not kill you, but still be dangerous. Also, this damage would phase fully through blocks, so walls don’t help you if a layer is in-between you and it.



So, what do you think?

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