27 Dec

Clay Charges – Neater Explosives P1

Okay, before I start, I need to give credit to nearbeer on the MCForums, who originally posted the idea in the suggestions subforum, and I thought it was such a neat idea it deserved to be put up there in the place where ideas are sometimes actually heard. Anyway. Onto the idea.

The idea is simple – an explosive charge made of Clay Balls that explodes a neat 233 area, so you could easily clear of areas better than you could otherwise with the unpredicatbly destructive blasts of TNT. This way, you could flatten out stuff like the tops of mountains for building. They would be crafted like so; Clay Ball / Redstone / Clay Ball Gunpowder / Gunpowder / Gunpowder Clay Ball / Clay Ball / Clay Ball

They could be placed on walls, the roof, or simply the floor, and would be multi-directional – they would be placed facing towards the block they were placed on. The neat blast radius of the charge would be beneath the explosive, so if you placed a charge on the roof it would clear of the space above the charge, and beside the charge if placed on a wall. The blast shape would be a 3*3 square around the charge, and then extended *2 down that.



So, what do you think?

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