23 Feb

Choosing Difficulty

Imagine you want to play with hunger, BUT HATE CREEPERS!, or you think that zombies are cool but underpowered, or maybe that you wan’t to use hard fire spread on your world without having to eat.

Well here’s my idea!

When you start a new world the normal hard/easy/normal/peaceful button is there, under it you can find the advanced button, when you press it you would be taken to the difficulty pages/page.

First you can find all separate things that are changed by difficulty. (hunger/firespread/mobs) You can then choose what difficulty you want each one to be at, maybe mobs=hard and hunger=peaceful.

If you scroll down/go to the next page you will find an even more advanced page, here you could choose more in depth what will happen, you could choose: how many percent of hostile mobs are a specific kind and how many of the spiders/skeletons that are jockeys (There would be a box with a number you could change) You could also choose more widely how how some things work, firespread can be set to never happen, hunger can be set to be fast enough to kill you before the night starts, fall damage can be set to be deadly from as low as 2 blocks. (You would have a box to write a number in.)

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